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REAM Corporation was started by John Richardson and his father, Ernie in 1995. After being involved in antique tractor pulling and restoration for  several years, it became apparent that sparkplug quality was a big issue. The  need for a reliable sparkplug was recognized. Cost, quality, and availability of  original plugs was becoming an issue with 18mm and 7/8" sizes. REAM sparkplug adapters allowed 14mm plugs to be used in your engine. The 18mm and 7/8" adapters were the first products of REAM. As time went on, 1/2" NPT and  3/4" NPT adapters for older tractors and hit-n-miss engines were developed along  with a special adapter for the Allison V-12 aircraft engine. Today, REAM makes various sparkplug adapters for many applications.


REAM Corporation continues to produce sparkplug adapters in rural  Shiawassee County, Michigan. If you would like additional information about REAM Corp. products or have a special sparkplug application, please contact us.

About Us

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